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足球比赛押注软件足球比赛押球app认识到开发可持续包装解决方案的关键重要性,这将为子孙后代保护和保护足球比赛押球app的星球. We also recognize holistic solutions of any kind require genuine curiosity, focused thought and an exploration of new ideas, materials and processes that can help answer the challenge before us.

And while the end result may take the form of a package, getting there demands a special mindset, 一个独特的视角, 充满激情的好奇心, and an authentic commitment to truly change the world we live in. This is what has led us to the creation of EnviroSense® 从实.

Our EnviroSense portfolio crosses a range of packaging materials, including cans made from 100-percent 再生纸board, rigid plastic packaging containing post-consumer recycled content, mono-material flexible pouches that are recyclable, and innovative packaging made from agricultural fibers.

It goes beyond just a portfolio of packaging, 这是一种思维方式, a sensibility and a philosophy that guides our development of innovative, 更可持续的包装. 如果你想了解更多关于EnviroSense如何对你有意义, just click below to get a copy of our brochure.


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Delivering versatility in sustainability




足球比赛押球app生产的产品,如PET硬质塑料容器,使用至少50%的可回收成分. 足球比赛押球app承诺到2025年将消费后回收树脂在塑料包装中的使用量从19%提高到25%.

*Made with a percentage of post- or pre-consumer recycled material. 使用后材料已经完成了它的预期用途,并回收成为有用的原材料. Pre-consumer materials are un-sold products or material created during the process of manufacturing; examples include damaged or aged inventory, 不能在原始制造过程中使用的剪报或修剪.

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足球比赛押注软件致力于帮助客户和足球比赛押注软件拥有的设施实现垃圾填埋分流的重要里程碑. 可堆肥包装帮助足球比赛押球app实现这些目标,使垃圾不被填埋,并帮助土壤恢复营养. 

*在管理的堆肥系统的控制过程中进行生物降解的包装. Claims of compostability should be accompanied by recognized testing and certification; they should identify industrial or home compostability.




创造更容易回收的消费包装是足球比赛押球app在足球比赛押注软件努力的目标. 例如, EnviroFlex PE™, part of our EnviroSense® portfolio, is eligible for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) How2Recycle label. 它可以放在杂货店回收(如果干净和干燥)与杂货袋. 作为一家公司,足球比赛押球app的回收相关目标包括确保到2025年,其全球约75%的硬塑料包装能够实现包装上可回收的相关声明. We are also committed to by 2025 increasing, 按重量, 足球比赛押球app回收的数量, 或导致被循环利用, 65%至85%, relative to the volume of product we put into the global marketplace.

*符合ISO 14021或FTC的环境营销声明指南要求的可回收标签的包装. This includes the ability to be collected from consumers, 排序, and processed into a marketing recycled material.




足球比赛押注软件足球比赛押球app专注于高质量的解决方案,使客户保持在解决方案的前沿. 这种心态让足球比赛押球app能够为各种物品创造可重复使用的包装,从对温度敏感的药品到预先制作的零食袋和袋子. 





It's not enough to recycle and use sustainable products. We're also committed to reducing our overall environmental impact.

实不会使用那些声称在垃圾填埋场或水道中会分解成小块的树脂添加剂. 足球比赛押球app还确保足球比赛押球app所有使用塑料颗粒的生产设施都有系统,以防止这些颗粒的环境排放.

We judge environmental impact using PIQET 生命周期评估工具.

*Per a PIQET streamlined life cycle assessment, demonstrates reduced impact in GHG emissions, 水的利用, 能源使用, 或者固体废物.

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From rigid paper containers to our tubes and cores, we have a large portfolio of fiber-based products. We strive to responsibly source this fiber whenever possible. That means we are not involved in unacceptable forestry practices including: 

  • Illegal logging or trade in illegal wood or forest products
  • Violation of traditional and human rights in forestry operations
  • Destruction of high conservation values in forestry operations
  • Signficant conversion of frests to plantation or non-forest use
  • Introduction of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations

*要么再生纤维, or wood fiber from known and responsible sources (FSC®, PEFC or SFI® preferred); or agricultural waste fiber.

负责任的纤维采购 EnviroSense® Icon



产品, like those made from agricultural fiber, 再生纸, and other plant-based materials like sugarcane by-products, 可以回收利用, repulpable, 和生物降解, all while offering functionality and convenience.  

*Material derived from renewable biomass such as wood fiber, 草, 甘蔗, 作物或农业废物. Not all bio-based packaging is biodegradable.

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足球比赛押球app的优化包装解决方案包括轻质材料和包装格式,充分利用空间. 足球比赛押球app还专注于提高货架寿命和防止运输过程中的损坏,这样足球比赛押球app就可以减少产品离开包装设施后产生的浪费. 所有这些创新使足球比赛押球app能够使运输和交付更加高效和环保, reducing the overall environmental footprint of the supply chain. 


Natrellis Bagasse Bowl on Table filled with Beef & 西兰花

Introducing Natrellis® Sugarcane-based Packaging

One of the first sugarcane-based packaging options for single-serve meals, Natrellis®是实不断扩大的EnviroSense®包装解决方案的新成员. Natrellis®可回收制糖过程中剩余的甘蔗纤维,以形成不漂白的纤维, 模制纤维托盘和碗,用于冷冻和新鲜的食物,可以在微波炉或传统的烤箱中烹饪. The Natrellis manufacturing facility in Belle Grade, 佛罗里达, 是否部分依靠附近的糖厂和太阳能提供的可再生生物质能, making for an extremely efficient and sustainable operation overall.

Two all-paper PaperBlister packages one lying flat and one standing up

All-Paper Blister Package is All 关于 可持续性

实Alloyd is pleased to introduce EnviroSense® PaperBlister™ packaging, our first all-paper blister package made entirely from renewable resources. Free of plastics and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), 新的包装在纸流中是可回收的,并可在要求时获得SFI™认证. PaperBlister packaging offers increased shipping efficiency, more room for promotional messaging, 更好的密封质量, 改进了嵌套和堆叠能力,以及在现有的足球比赛押注软件合金密封设备上运行的便利性.

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Stan up EnviroFlex pouch with a blue and green EnviroSense logo on top

New EnviroFlex™ PE Brings Flexibility to 可持续性

足球比赛押球app的EnviroSense家族的一个新成员是最近开发的EnviroFlex™PE可回收材料, 聚乙烯软包装. Ideal for a wide range of foods from confections, 干燥和脱水食品, 生产, EnviroFlex™PE袋有资格使用How2Recycle®Store Drop-Off标签, 这意味着它可以(干净、干燥)放在当地的零售商店,与购物袋一起回收. EnviroFlex体育: • Runs on both vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal machines • Is available as a premade pouch • Can be offered with and without barrier properties

Paper container of dark chocolate granola sitting on a counter

Introducing EnviroCan™, 实's Family of Paper Containers

The newest member of our EnviroSense® family of sustainable packaging, EnviroCan™容器为客户提供了实传统的钢制底部纸质容器的强度和性能,但现在提供了可定制的纸质底部. 实的EnviroCan™PB容器最近获得了How2Recycle®(H2R)的“检查本地可回收”状态. Check Locally is one of the How2Recycle labels, 旨在通过创建一个清晰和全国统一的标签计划来减少混乱,使公司能够传达如何回收包装. More than 20% of material recovery facilities recognize the label. How2Recycle also increases the availability and quality of recycled material. 提供更新的, 以低资本投资, 足球比赛押球app的EnviroCan PB容器是完美的短期活动,如假日促销, new product trials and small SKU’s.

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